Ken CabralI underwent training with the LCSP ( and in 1979/80 started in practice as a Remedial Masseur treating soft tissues injuries.

I also use the relaxation techniques of pranayama yoga ( as taught by Yogini Sunita for a similar length of time using touch and talking.

During this time, I have carried out about 45,000 (forty five thousand) treatments 60-70% being the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

Please be aware:

Before I continue I thought it important at this stage to make you aware that this is an approach that I have personally developed over the last 30 years.

I have therefore not undergone any training, hold any qualifications, been on any courses or covered by any insurance associated with this approach.

My training and qualification with the LCSP is completely separate. My indemnity insurance in association with the LCSP applies to the treatment of soft tissue injuries by remedial massage only.

For those of you who wish to read on...

Physical Cause

My first experience of a flashback due to a physical injury happened about 2 years into practice. He came for treatment for a back injury after laying down a patio. He said the area involved was one that kept flaring up over the years because of the trade he was in.

After a few minutes of treatment I touched a spot on his back and his body started to shake. His back went rigid and he started to perspire profusely. He then started to reminisce, or so I thought, of sliding off a roof and landing on an extension below on his back. He explained that he wasn't reminiscing but "seeing" what was happening; where he was working, what he was wearing, when it had happened, the fact that his back had locked. He had broken into a sweat and wondering if he would ever walk or work again.

Then the flashback faded and all the symptoms I had produced faded and I released the pressure. I muddled through an explanation (remember this was my first experience) which must have been appropriate because he came for a follow up treatment.

The acute flare up had reduced but what was more interesting was that the dull background ache that had been present over the years had disappeared.

Various tests and x-rays had not shown anything significant even though the dull ache felt real.

Since then, I have released many flashbacks, which allowed the system to recover from: falling down stairs, off walls, off cycles, off horses, road traffic accidents and more.

Emotional Cause

My first experience of a flashback due to an emotional injury occurred some time later and fortunately I had built up some experience by then. She came in with a chronic neck and shoulder condition. The neck had locked in position and after spending time improving movement, I moved on to associated muscle groups to release tension. As I touched, she immediately rolled onto her side and curled up in the foetal position.

Eventually she explained that she had been assaulted a few years ago and had gone into this position whilst being kicked repeatedly.

On her second visit she said that she had been completely exhausted and had felt battered and bruised. In fact there were some areas of bruising visible. She also said that something within her had lifted.

Now remember, I had made contact on one spot and one spot only, with my thumb, using about 1-2 pounds pressure and that was the result. You will feel exhausted for a day, perhaps two, which will gradually reduce with our time together and you will want to be quiet and be left alone for a while after treatment.

There are a vast number of incidents that can effect us emotionally, we all have the same set of emotions to react with and deal with. Your physical and emotional reactions to incidents are what we will be working with as they will have been "stuck in time" preventing levels of recovery to take place that would make your life a bit easier.